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Why is my shower leaking?
Gold Coast Leaking Shower Sealing


So your shower is leaking – how do you choose the best leaking shower repair company?

How do I fix a leaking shower the RIGHT way?

Leaking showers are a very common and dangerous problem in The Gold Coast, Tweed & Brisbane.

 Statistics show that leaking showers are one of the most common and expensive problems that happen on constructions in all of Australia!

What causes a leaking shower?

A leaking shower is caused by one, or many problems in a bathroom or shower. The most common issue is failed or missing waterproofing membrane and porous grout (you would be surprised how many showers I have seen that have porous grout, which is the worst type of grout you can use in a shower! Do YOU know what type of grout you have in your shower recess? When re-tiling the shower, it is important that the waterproofing membrane be re-applied, usually 2 coats, and that flexible bond breakers are used in the internal junctions of the shower.

How do I fix a leaking shower?

Well, that all depends on the type of shower you have! Showers with no hob often have no separation between the shower recess floor and the main bathroom floor. This causes water to be absorbed by the bathroom floor and eventually finds its way to wet carpets at the door.

If thats your shower, then you need to seperate the shower and main bathroom floor using bond breakers, waterproofing and sometimes aluminium angle.

Showers with hobs leak too – it is common for hob tiles to be ‘drummy’ or broken, and its easy for water to find its way into a shower through internal trim, damaged silicone, porous grout, cracked tiles, etc etc.

What happens if I don’t fix my leaking shower?

Potentially, very serious damage to the property. The most common damage includes rotten sub floor or timbers, damage to ceilings underneath the shower, wet carpet, bad smells in the bathroom or damp and wet walls anywhere to the back of the shower, or below the shower.

Mould is a common problem for leaking showers and a leaking shower can cause serious damage.

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