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What Tiles Should I Use? Should I Regrout My Shower?
Varsity Lakes Bathroom Leak


What does your tiler want you to know about picking the right tiles? Not all tiles are created equal and certain tile types are better for different areas around the home.

Using the right floor waste is also a critical component of your bathroom project.

Bathroom Tiles
Bathroom tiles need to be non-slip for the shower floor, and the shower tiles should be on the smaller side. Using really large tiles in a shower area makes it difficult to achieve the right drainage.

Because of this, you can get puddling of water in the shower or lips due to incorrect fall to floor tile size ratios.

For a shower floor, and to prevent leaking and lipping, we recommend no bigger than 300×300. 200 X 200’s are good, 100 or 150 size tiles can be problematic in shower leak repairs as previously done in The Gold Coast Queensland, Pimpama, Coomera, Oxenford, Hope Island, North Gold Coast and all surrounding suburbs of Gold Coast.

200×200 floors or walls work great for leak repairs, 300 x 600’s are great for walls for bathroom renovations.

Smart wastes look nice, but do not supply sufficient room for water to flow quickly out of the shower. Strip grates look good too, but they are prone to leaking and create many opportunities for water to escape the shower area.

A standard waste that is as open as possible is the best solution for shower wastes. In the bathroom, you can use a smart waste, but you need to let your tiler know before beginning to screed so that height allowances can be made to ensure the waste fits, as they come in many different sizes and thicknesses.