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Tweed Shire Leaking Shower Sealing and Regrouting Solutions With Or Without Tile Removal.

Tweed NSW Tiling & Waterproofing Solutions

Protect your property from water damage, rejuvenate your shower or bathroom with multiple shower leak repair options available including no tile removal leaking shower sealing.

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    Superior Sealed Shower Re-Tiling & Leak Repair Bathrooms

    Tweed Tiler, Waterproofer & Leak Repair Specialist in Tweed NSW.

    Superior Sealed is a local business that provides solutions for leaking showers & baths as well as re-grouting, rejuvenation / revitalisation of shower tiles & grout and all waterproofing & tiling services across Tweed Shire, Coolangatta, Kingscliff, Byron Bay and surrounding subrurbs.

    We are qualified tilers and waterproofers by trade and provide all types of tiling, waterproofing & bathroom rejuvenation services in Tweed NSW and all surrounding suburbs of The Gold Coast.

    ✔️  Shower Re-Tile Repair OR ‘No Tile Removal’ Options
    ✔️  Better Prices (No Subcontractors) & Friendly Service.
    ✔️  All Work Warrantied As Per Fair Trading Requirements
    ✔️ Free On-Site Quotes – $0 – No Call Out Free!
    ✔️ Free Estimates Available Over The Phone or By Email
    ✔️ Experienced & Qualified Tradies With Honest Advice
    ✔️ Clean, On Time, Police Checked & Reliable Service
    ✔️  All Suburbs of Tweed NSW and Tweed Shire NSW & The Gold Coast


    At Just A Fraction Of The Cost Of A Tweed Bathroom Renovation, Our Shower Repair & Shower Sealed Services Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars!

    We have gained the education, experience and skill in almost every area of bathroom rejuvenation and leak repairs – from clear waterproofing membranes, to ‘no tile removal’ leaking shower sealing, regrouting With Epoxy and bottom row & floor repairs or Full Shower Re-Tiles, we do it all – Sometime Even The Same Day!

    ☑️ No call out fee, free quotes, on time & reliable.
    Transform Your Bathroom & Shower On A Budget
    ☑️ Improve the appearance of your shower & stop water leaks
    ☑️ Experts in Leaking Shower Solutions, Tiling & waterproofing
    ☑️ Re-Grouting, Sealing & Shower Rejuvenation
    ☑️ All Residential Tiling & Waterproofing Services
    ☑️ Laundry & Kitchen Splash Back Tiling and Floor Tiling

    When you call Superior Sealed Shower Repairs, you’ll enjoy fast and easy scheduling, quality workmanship and all work is guaranteed As Per Fair Trading.

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is our priority.


    Don't Waste Money On Services You Don't Need! All Services Start With A Free Assessment. If You Decide To Go Ahead, You'll Only Be Charged For What You Actually Need!

    From leaking shower screen silicone replacement, re-grouting the floor and walls of the shower, to full re-builds of the shower areas – we have multiple options that will seal your bathroom leak and be honest about what we believe in our professional opinion will work best for YOU. We want to provide solutions for all budgets and scenarios, so will give you our honest advice about what we would do if it was our own property.

    We don’t want you to spend money on services that you don’t need. We genuinely want to provide an affordable and professional solution for all property owners as well as real estate and strata clients to have a simple one stop shop for shower tiling & waterproofing solutions.

    Some people make the mistake of calling a Tweed NSW Plumber for Leaking Showers, but as the leak is not related to the plumbing in the walls of the bathroom they are not the right people to call. 

    We are professional qualified & experienced tradies with years of experience as full time shower technicians. If you are looking for a tiler or waterproofer who provides friendly, affordable service for all residential property we look forward to assisting you soon.


    Our Gold Coast tiling & waterproofing specialists use premium grade waterproof membranes and adhesives to ensure your tiling and waterproofing service withstands the test of time. Using the highest quality materials ensures a long lasting finish.


    Although we don't think you will need it, our service warranty is for 6 years for structural or 2 years for non-structural as per Fair Trading recommendations. In addition to this, the products we use have their own, much longer warranties.


    ☑️ No Sub-Contractors
    ☑️ Friendly Professional Tradies
    ☑️ Fully Qualified Tradespeople
    ☑️ Small Family Business (Not a franchise) - Tweed / Gold Coast
    ☑️ Affordable Solutions Available
    ☑️ Qualified Bathroom Builder
    ☑️ Insured & Uniformed On Site
    ☑️ On Time, On Budget & No Fuss
    ☑️ We Clean Up After Ourselves


    Leaking Shower Repairs
    Remedial Waterproofing
    Wall & Floor Tiling
    Bathtub Re-Sealing
    Re-Grouting Showers
    Bathroom Rejuvenation
    Epoxy Grouting, Silicone Sealing
    No Tile Removal Shower Seals


    If your shower is leaking, you may have noticed a few different things such as wet carpet or water damage to the floor near the bathroom door, swelling of timbers around your door, damage to walls on the other side of the bathroom particularly at the recess. 

    In Tweed NSW apartments, houses with double storeys or buildings with multiple levels, you may notice water damage to ceiling below bathroom or water damage on the ceiling below the shower. Some people even report water flooding into downstairs from upstairs shower.

    There could be damaged or missing grout and silicone, broken, cracked or chipped tiles, or porous grout in the grout joints.

    Some people notice a musky smell in bathroom from the mould that can be caused through water leaks in bathrooms.

    • Missing grout on the wall or floor.
    • Missing silicone on the wall or floor.
    • Exposed holes around taps, baths, shower screens.
    • Damp or wet areas, carpet, musty smells.

    • Bubbling paints or visible mould.
    • Visible gaps anywhere on the shower floor or wall.
    • No silicone on the corner junctions of the recess.
    • Discoloured or mouldy grout & silicone.
    • Watermarks on ceilings
    • Watermarks on walls
    • Swollen or damaged timber door frames
    • Damaged or swollen architraves

    Paint Bubbling & Wet Carpet

    Bubbling Paint on walls outside the bathroom, or discoloured and wet carpet around the bathroom or at the door.

    water leaking downstairs ceiling from bathroom upstairs

    Water damage on ceiling from water leaking through the upstairs bathroom shower.

    Bathroom Leaking Waterproof


    We provide simple solutions for tiling, waterproofing and shower sealing in Tweed NSW without the fuss.


    Because we’re a small business and not a franchise, we don’t use subcontractors. This means that the tradie who turns up to complete the job is full time member of Superior Sealed resulting in better service, better price & better quality control.

    • We use the Highest Quality Materials in Australia and created systems to ensure our tiling and waterproofing withstands the test of time. NO cheap adhesive or rushed jobs.

    • We streamlined the repair process at every stage to save you time and money, including contact free quotations via email and tiling or waterproofing quotes over the phone and free onsite visits!

    • Shower repairs with honest & up front terms, warranties and options for home owners, real estate & strata.

    • Clean, Friendly and On-Time Tradies. Experienced, Qualified & Reliable. ‘Police check certified’ workers with a ‘family like’ approach to our business.

    Save thousands of dollars by rejuvenating and repairing, no need for an expensive full bathroom renovation if not required.

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    We provide all tiling, waterproofing & leak repair services at affordable prices. We look forward to assisting you with your service.

    We service all suburbs of Tweed NSW, Tweed Shire & Gold Coast

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    Contact Superior Sealed Tweed NSW / Gold Coast for all of your tiling, waterproofing, re-grouting and shower sealing needs.