Our tradies are here to make your shower conversion as safe & seamless as possible.

Shower Conversions For Elderly, Disabled & Lifestyle Improvement.

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Let's make it safer & easier for you to shower.

At Superior Sealed, we have the experience and care you need for your shower conversion.

If you require tile or shower alterations, we can help.

• Removing Hobs & Converting Showers For Elderly & Disabled.
• Remove Old Shower Screens and Hobs, Re-Waterproof & Re-Tile The Area.

Tiling and Shower conversions that make it easier for you to shower!

adapt your home to change.

Newcastle leaking shower

No need for a full bathroom renovation - save thousands of dollar and convert your hob shower to a elderly / disabled safe shower.

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as qualified tilers, waterproofers & bathroom builders we have the knowledge, experience and skills you need for your tile / shower conversion.