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How To Seal Showers With No Tile Removal (Gold Coast, QLD)
Leaking Shower Sealer


Every year, thousands of leaking showers in Gold Coast & Brisbane cause huge damage to residential property. Property owners, strata, property managers and tenants start to notice bubbling paint on walls around the bathroom, rusting or rotting or door frames, wet carpet around the bathroom area or signs of mould and water damage on surrounding areas.. if your bathroom is on a non-ground level, you might notice wet spots, water or mould on the ceiling directly below where the shower is.

Technicians can read the moisture in the area which generally confirms what you already know – your shower is leaking! The moisture can come from many different areas, including through grout joints, gaps in silicone, from behind taps, through porous grout or tiles, or through failed or non-existent waterproofing membrane in the shower recess.

So now that we know that your gold coast shower is leaking, what are your options? Superior Sealed is experienced in almost every seal method and can give you the best advice on what you need to do to fix your individual leak.

Clear Membrane – No Tile Removal
This is a good option for showers that have very high levels of movement and require Australia’s longest warranty for leaks that include movement. We normally only recommend this product for very highly flexible shower areas with lots of movement and in unique situations or balconies.

Shower Seal – No Tile Removal
Sometimes called a de-grout/re-grout service. We clean and repair the shower, replacing the floor grout and repairing / re-sealing the shower. This results in an improved aesthetic appearance and can fix most showers.

Leaking Shower Repair – With Tile Removal
This is the ‘fix it right’ method which includes removing the bottom row, repairing and damaged substrates, waterproofing and re-tiling. You may need a new shower screen with any of these options depending on age, condition or design of the shower screen.