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Everything You Need To Know About Shower Re-Grouting In The Gold Coast
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When re-grouting your shower, its important to take into consideration the quality of materials your technician will be using. Some companies use cheap knock-off grouts and poor quality porous grouts which absorb water like a sponge and cause damage to the waterproofing membrane through long term exposure.

Choosing to have your shower regrouted will help to improve the appearance of your tiles and grout, rejuvenate your shower, and clean shower grout by transforming your shower grout and silicone to brighten and freshen up the area.

This service also helps to seal water from escaping your shower. If you have ever had water damage to bathroom walls or floor, musty smell in bathroom, damp grout, mouldy silicone or very ugly dark and dirty grout or moudly grout in your shower you will know that it is much easier to prevent these types of problems including shower mould or bathroom water leaks.

Having your shower regrouted and sealed also protects against water damage, protecting your property and giving you the best possible chance of not having moisture problems in your bathroom.

The regrouting service isn’t suitable for every shower. Showers that have cracked tiles or a failed waterproofing membrane require a shower rebuild, which involves the removal of the floor and bottom row of the wall tiles in your shower recess before re-waterproofing and re-tiling and completing with the epoxy grout floor sealing service and shower regrout Gold Coast.

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