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Mouldy Grout & Regrouting Leaking Showers Gold Coast

How To Fix A Mouldy Shower – Rejuvenate Your Grout & Mouldy Tiles Or Silicone Mould is common in Australian showers, especially those that don’t have sufficient airflow or natural light. Showers are wet areas, often resulting in mouldy grout, tiles or silicone and leaking shower screens or musky smells. Watch the video below to […]

How To Fix A Leaking Shower In Gold Coast, QLD Australia

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In this weeks video, we discuss how to diagnose and repair a leaking shower in The Gold Coast, QLD. We talk about the signs of a leaking shower and your options for no tile removal or full re-waterproofing & retiling of your shower. For all of your leaking shower solutions, contact Superior Sealed for Gold […]